get recycling campaign

We all know that cycling is good for our health and wellbeing, it’s kind to the environment and can be great fun. But a sad fact is many redundant bicycles sitting in sheds, garages and backyards, loved at one time but no longer used. Maybe a bike has been outgrown and no longer suits its rider. Or perhaps it’s had a tyre puncture or some other defect that you never got around to repairing.

Well, if it’s not going to get used, get it REused! Get reCYCLING!
How to get involved
It’s simple: Donate your unwanted bikes to us.

Whether it’s a child’s, junior’s or adult’s cycle, a road bike, mountain bike, BMX, unicycle, tandem or just a good old classic bicycle, we’d love to have it.

Bring them along to any of the City of York or North Yorkshire Council household waste recycling centres (HWRCs)*. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good as new or seen better days. If it can be refurbished, it will be.

*Mobile HWRCs do not accept bikes
2024 Get Recycling
From this campaign, 20 bikes were donated to Leeds Urban Bike Park in Middleton via the Brownlee Foundation. The bikes have been serviced and repaired and now help the local community access the facility. Following the success of the campaign in 2022, it was relaunched in 2023.

30 bikes have now been donated to Dixon’s Trinity Primary in Chapeltown. In a very underprivileged area, the bikes will be loaned out to children to help them learn to ride a bike and be active throughout holidays.

We have also facilitated a partnership between York Sport at the University of York and Yorwaste. York Sport are a key partner of the Foundation. Being the host of our York event, weekly sessions were established to allow children to access junior triathlon on a regular basis and has now become a Junior Triathlon club.

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