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Brownlee Foundation Medal Challenge

Four kids are playing and smilingTwo kids are playing and smiling


Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, Olympic triathletes, loved being active whilst they were growing up and still get so much enjoyment from swimming, cycling, running and triathlon.

Following the huge success of the Brownlee Foundation Medal Challenge in 2021, we are re-launching the challenge for schools and children to get involved with.

With Winter being a tricky time to be outside getting active and the start of the new year bringing the opportunity for a new challenge, the medal challenge is a great way to re-engage and motivate children to get active.

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Four kids are playing and smilingTwo kids are playing and smiling

The Challenge

The medal challenge will take place during Spring Term 1 and the aim is for children to make a positive change with regard to their activity.

Each individual child should choose their own challenge suited to their ability (with the help of their teacher) and on completion of their challenge, they will be awarded their medal.

The emphasis of the medal challenge is to have fun and for children to do their personal best.

We hope that the challenges chosen will be as varied as possible. The main requirement is that it is a positive change and linked to activity.

The timing of the challenge can also be varied. The medal challenge can be set to suit your school and pupils and the challenges chosen.


A few suggestions to get you started…

For the Challenge:

– Trying a new sport
– Increasing the amount of activity done on a weekly basis
– Walking, scooting or cycling to school instead of driving
– Doing more activity outside rather than inside
– Being more engaged (more attentive and listening in PE class or signing up to an after-school club for example)

For the Timing:

– Set day
– Set week
– Across the half-term
– Different challenge each week of the half-term

Four kids are playing and smilingTwo kids are playing and smiling
A pictre of a Brownlee Foundation Medal on a blue lanyard

It's all about having fun

Sticking to the same principles as our events, we want the challenge to be fun, inclusive and non-competitive.

The medal will recognise each child’s personal achievement and be a reward for making that positive change.

Medals will be £1 each (plus postage & packaging) and all money raised will go to the Brownlee Foundation helping us to continue running future events and weekly sessions.

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How it works

Step 1

Sign up by completing the registration form

Schools will sign up to take part in the challenge and will order the number of medals for their class or school

Registrations will open from mid-October

Step 2

Make the payment for medals

This can be made via bank transfer or an invoice and once we’ve received the payment, medals will be posted out to schools

Please note that medals will be sent out from mid-January

Step 3

Set the activity challenge for each pupil

Schools will decide the challenge that each child will look to achieve

Step 4

Award the medal once completed

Once the children have completed their challenge, the school will hand out the medals to the children. No proof will be required that the challenge has been completed. It will be at the school’s discretion as to when medals will be awarded

We’d love to see you getting involved so please upload images to social media with the hashtag #BFMedalChallenge

*there is a limited number of medals therefore they will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

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