Water Meadows

Within the warm, sub-tropical atmosphere of Water Meadows you’ll find a peaceful swim waiting to happen.

But more importnantly you’ll also find Rapids, Water Cannons, a Wave Machine, Twister Ride and Fast Drop Flume for your over 8s! Plus a lovely little play pirate galleon for the younger ones.

The Mighty Falling Rapids can be a real family experience as several people can descend the rapids at once! Minimum age is 8 years to go it alone, or a little younger holding onto mom or dad! You’re propelled along a canyon by pressurised water flows and the fast drop begins at the highest point of the building, plunging you down at high speed and flinging you through a sharp bend! Best for confident swimmers, naturally!

The 50m Twister is a classic white knuckle water ride, whisking riders through a flume of cool twists, sharp turns and steep chutes! Again this is suitable for confident swimmers 8 and over but brave under 8’s may ride with their grown up.

The Fast Drop Flume is precisely what it says on the tin, so jump in and see how fast dare you go before you splash down into the waters below! Apparently the fastest water slide in the area and for over 8s only.

You can also hit the water cannons and cause some splashy carnage, but can you avoid them too when it’s your victims’ turns? Let’s find out!

It’s worth noting that during busier sessions you may be restricted to 1 hour and 20 minutes. When banding isn’t required (ie during quiet times) there are no restrictions on the length of your stay so if the kids have a full day’s worth in them it’s best to choose your session carefully! Last admission for pool use is an hour before the end of each session, so that’s worth noting too!

Bath Street
Mansfield NG18 1BA Nottinghamshire GB
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Monday 3pm to 7.30pm Tuesday 3pm to 7.30pm Wednesday 12 noon to 7.30pm Thursday 3pm to 7.30pm Friday 12 noon to 9pm Saturday 10am to 6pm Sunday 10am to 6pm Bank Holidays 8am to 4pm School holidays 10am daily with regular close.