Archway Leisure Centre

Aquaterra at Archway Leisure Centre is a free form leisure pool with a sloping beach where the water is kept at a tropical 30 degrees! There’s a cool flume slide, 2 spa pools and a groovy river run, plus water jets for the smalls and a wave machine for the bigs!

During these fun sessions all the features are turned on in rotation: the waves are on for 5 minutes every 30 minutes.

The flume is on all the time and there is no limit to the number of rides you can take. Children must be over 1 metre tall to ride the flume. During busy periods a band system operates giving session times of 90 minutes.
This family friendly centre offers something for everybody and there are a number of handy memberships that are available for those interested in using the facilities on a regular basis, and ail save you bucks in the long term. There’s also a wide range of swimming lessons available that cater for all ages and abilities so whether you want to hit the gym or the sauna, the flumes or the waves, or just exercise and improve your techniques then head on over to Aquaterra!