The Brownlee Foundation, set up by triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee after their successes at the 2012 Olympics, was founded to inspire children from all backgrounds to enjoy sport, encourage them to lead active lifestyles and benefit from the opportunities sport provides.

The Brownlee Foundation’s key aims are to:

Inspire children to get active and lead healthy lifestyles

Encourage children to regularly take part in sport and physical activity

Provide Opportunity for children to participate in swimming, cycling, running and triathlon

Develop Coaches to facilitate and encourage children to get involved with regular activity

Support pathways for talented athletes in the sport of triathlon

Note from Alistair

After the Olympics in 2012, Jonny and I realised the positive impact we could have on inspiring people to be active. We started the Brownlee Foundation to harness and maximise this impact. To allow as many young people as possible to experience Triathlon. A sport we are passionate about and continue to enjoy.

Brownlee Foundation events provide a fantastic vessel to expose young people to swimming, cycling, running and triathlon. We’d be delighted if each event inspires only a handful of people to take up regular activity. In a nut shell, this is the aim of everything we do with the Brownlee Foundation.

Note from Jonny

I was very passionate about starting the Brownlee Foundation in 2014. I understood how important sport and an active lifestyle was for me when I was growing up. Sport gave me confidence, discipline, self-belief and a focus. I would have been a very different person without the positive sporting experience throughout my childhood. I wanted other children across the UK to share a similar experience.

The first Brownlee Foundation event at John Charles in Leeds was incredible and reinforced how important sport can be for children. The smiles and enthusiasm of the kids as they crossed the line and were presented with a medal demonstrated the impact that the Brownlee Foundation could have on these children. I am really pleased that we started the Foundation 8 years ago. Over 40,000 kids have taken part in an event; over 40,000 smiles and medals. I hope we can continue to have such a positive impact!