Brownlee Foundation partner with Frog Bikes to further enhance school triathlon series

A pupil (10) receives his free Frog Bike from Keith Brownlee (Chair of Trustees at The Brownlee Foundation), alongside his teachers at his school in Leeds.

The Brownlee Foundation (founded by Olympic medal-winning triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee in 2014) has partnered with Frog Bikes, a leading British manufacturer and experts in kids’ bikes. Frog Bikes has provided a fleet of lightweight bikes for use at Brownlee Foundation events to give more youngsters access to high-quality sporting equipment.  

To celebrate the launch of the partnership, the Foundation has awarded a free Frog bike at four of its triathlon events to children who have been most inspired by attending. This year, a record number of 11,671 children took part across 12 Brownlee Foundation events, meaning that over 53,000 children have taken part since 2014. 

Inspiring children into sport

Brownlee Foundation events are free for primary schools and encourage children of all abilities to take part in the three elements of triathlon: swimming, cycling and running. All equipment is provided, removing the barrier of equipment to ensure children from all backgrounds can participate. 

To identify deserving winners of a new Frog bike, the Foundation asked the children’s teachers to send in nominations. These did not have to be the most academic or sporting pupils. Instead, the Foundation was looking for individuals who benefitted the most from an event or had been most inspired by taking part. Winning entries were then personally selected by Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, and the awarded bikes were handed out in Leeds, Bradford, York and Hull. 

The Brownlee Foundation’s Charis Palmer-Smeaton has been delighted by such a positive start to the partnership with Frog Bikes: “We received so many deserving nominations, and Alistair and Jonny have done an amazing job picking the winners. The response has been incredible. It’s clear that these high-quality bikes, designed specifically for kids are going to make a positive impact, and that’s what the Foundation is all about. Partnerships like this help towards giving youngsters confidence and making them realise that being active is for everyone.” 

A pupil (11) stands proudly with her bike alongside her teacher, Mr Marsh [left], and Keith Brownlee [right] at her school near Hull.
An exciting collaboration 

Overall, the partnership continues Frog Bikes’ long-standing commitment to supporting grassroots sport, particularly triathlon and cycling. Alongside the Brownlee Foundation, Frog Bikes has developed partnerships with many different organisations, including large global brands, velodromes and local schools. By doing so, Frog Bikes is striving to instil good cycling habits in children from a young age, developing their skills and encouraging lifelong participation in riding.  

Frog Bikes’ Marketing Manager, Taberna Sansom, is excited about the new collaboration: “We’re proud to have partnered with the Brownlee Foundation. They have a fantastic reputation when it comes to encouraging children to be active. Looking ahead, we are thrilled that children will have access to Frog bikes through these inclusive events, which will not only give an insight into the world of triathlons but help boost confidence and encourage even more children to take up cycling in the long term.”